Minutes of this historic Saturday 15 October 2011

Let’s start by some music to accompany the reading of this article : Tom Morello (guitarist of Rage Against The Machine) was in New York, at the Zuccotti park (renamed the park of liberty) on 13 October with his guitar to sing “This Land is Your Land” from Woody Guthrie in support of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters movement.
If it seems “strange” to you that the crowd repeats everything he says, the reason is simple : the use of megaphone is forbidden, so they use what they call a “human mic”, which means one person talks and those who can hear repeat what he says in order to enable everybody to hear !

Far away from New York, in Tours

Us, Shazen, Stoumik joined and supported by Mat, were in Tours, one of the 1000 towns among 82 countries which answered the call of the 15 October.

Not many people, but a small group of people, who, on an humorous tone, introduced themselves as rich people with their fiscal shield calling for everybody’s generosity to bail out the debt and save the rich !

15 octobre 2011 à Tours

15 octobre 2011 à Tours

15 octobre 2011 à Tours

We have spent the afternoon with them and of course haven’t forgotten to donate !

15 octobre 2011 à Tours15 octobre 2011 à Tours15 octobre 2011 à Tours

And elsewhere in the world ?

Occupy the Toundra by Diane McEachern

Occupy the Toundra by ©Diane McEachern

The traditional media didn’t say much on this subject even if this event happened everywhere in the world and except the outburst in Rome (they talked about this in the news though), in the other cities it was pacifist, like for example in Madrid where 500 000 persons protested pacifically in the streets. Many protesters were arrested and are still arrested, like in New York where protesters were arrested for trying to close their bank accounts or like Naomi Wolf as well who was arrested on 18 October for supporting the protesters of Occupy Wall Street in New York ….

If you follow these links below, you will be able to see some pictures of the 15 October a little bit everywhere in the world :

but also some videos :

It didn’t end on the 15 October, the movement continue

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Les Chatmouettes c’est avant tout une équipe qui a eu envie de partager leur amour des randonnées en pleine nature sur des véhicules terrestres composées de deux roues alignées entrainé par la force motrice de son conducteur. Chatmouettes, plus qu’un nom, c’est un état d’esprit : Liberté – partage – découverte.

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