Soon a new cycle path development in Blois

Dear cyclists, soon you will be able to enjoy a new cycle path section in Blois. It will resolve a far-off problem !
Indeed, until now, to cross Blois by the path of the Loire by bike, we had to follow a part of the road running alongside the Loire, and so, cycle in the middle of the cars. But this time will be soon over …

The new section, already passable but not completely finished, is situated on both sides of Jacques-Gabriel bridge and link this one to François Mitterand bridge, on the south bank side.

New cycle path ... work in progress

New cycle path ... work in progress

The end of the works is planned for June 2011, and you can count on the Chatmouettes to go and test this new path as soon as this one is finalized.

A special surface will be used for this path, a specific concrete.
It has the advantage of being non-polluting and resist water which is rather important when we know that the Loire covers regularly this section during water level rise.

Besides, 24h are enough to set the path to rights after several days or weeks under brackish water. This is another advantage of this concrete, it is easy to clean.

But until we can cycle on this new section, we can thank the actors of this project, Agglopolys in particular …

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