2011 Games festival

Games festival poster : 28 May 2011

Games festival poster : 28 May 2011

Like every year since 2001, an entire day is dedicated to games of all kind. This year, the Games festival will be on Saturday 28 May almost everywhere in France.

It is the opportunity to meet people of all ages and of different cultures around a unifying theme and to share moments of social interactions. Surely, there is someone who organises a Games festival near your home, so don’t hesitate to go there, plus it’s completely free.

You will find more informations on the Games festival’s website : http://www.fetedujeu.org

Here is an excerpt of the day’s charter :

The day’s spirit rest on the following principles :

  • Gratuitousness
    Participation to the Games festival must be free for all.
  • Games for all
    This day must allow people to gather together and enable people of different ages and cultures to meet.
  • Games of all kind
    This day will promote games of all kind : toys, parlour games, outdoor games, traditional games, video games … and will encourage any other initiative in line with games (exhibition, conference, debate…).
  • Play everywhere
    During the day, it will be a matter of encouraging the practice of games in public and private places, institutions, the street or the family area.

2011 Games festival : 28 May, everywhere in France.

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