“Libération à Blois” by Madeline Fouquet

Last Saturday, 7 May 2011, Minna and Shazen have lived the “Libération à Blois” thanks to Madeline Fouquet and the museum of the resistance of Blois. Freedom and art are the important themes for the Chatmouettes, so a promotional article for this original and free show is well deserved !

Vélo stylisé

Lugdulo’V : find a bike right here not far !

Having (almost) always a bike to hand when we need it and without doing our head in, even when we are in a city we don’t know at all, it’s possible ?
With Lugdulo’V it looks like it is.

tricycle 1900 par William M. Vander Weyde

The Cat and the Seagull : fable inspired of “The Cock and the Rat”

After Minna and her splendid fable “The Cock and the Rat” inspired of La Fontaine, I had the feeling that some kind of competition was on, that’s perfect timing.
Stoumik, your turn it looks like …

Cap man was caught speeding on his bike

Cap man was caught speeding on his bike

A video that made us laugh : Cap Man, a superhero from Belfort was caught speeding on his bike by an automated speed camera …