The Chatmouettes need your help !

Oyez oyez good visitors,

After months of hard work, the Chatmouettes are proud to inform you that our project “Alongside the Loire” has been approved by “Babeldoor” !

What’s that “Babeldoor” ?
Do you know “kickstarter” ? No, well too bad, but “Babeldoor” is kind of the French version of “Kickstarter” ! Right, but what’s that ?

“It’s the first French solidarity funding platform to travel, create, dream, build projects together.”

Ok but what’s the link with the Chatmouettes ?

To make it short : we have submitted our project to “Babeldoor” and they were really taken with it. Since then, our project is on  “Babeldoor” website, with a little video produced by the Chatmouettes, as a bonus !

The objective is to call for generosity in order to reach the minimum goal of 300€.

Babeldoor works on the “all or nothing” rule :

  • either the creator of the project manages to get enough participants to reach his minimum goal and collects the funds in return for the compensation he has promised to his subscribers
  • or he fails, and the contributions recorded are cancelled straight away, then nobody owes money to nobody.

If we reach our goal, the funds will be invested in the name of the Chatmouettes association, and will enable the purchase of equipment for the trip, a trailer especially. Of course, nothing force you to donate, but it will be a plus ! The ones who help us will be gratified and rewarded !

However, we will be very thankful if you spread the word around you, (family, work, friends, facebook, twitter, …)
It doesn’t cost a thing and it will enable us to get talked about a little bit…and maybe, with a little bit of luck, we will touch the heart of a charitable soul !

The ball’s in your court 😉

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Les Chatmouettes c’est avant tout une équipe qui a eu envie de partager leur amour des randonnées en pleine nature sur des véhicules terrestres composées de deux roues alignées entrainé par la force motrice de son conducteur. Chatmouettes, plus qu’un nom, c’est un état d’esprit : Liberté – partage – découverte.

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