Ride … donate …

We have just produced a little video in the aim of promoting our project “Alongside the Loire

For this “trip”, we need to invest in some equipment and it is in this purpose that we are going to start looking for donations and people who wish to help us.

Soon, more details on the subject, in the mean time, do not hesitate to contact us.

This video is, of course, under free license  Creative Commons By-Sa, it is hosted by Vimeo and you can download it as well.
Production : Les Chatmouettes (special thanks to Mat Debug for his help)
Music from Jazzymuté, you can find them on Jamendo.

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Les Chatmouettes c’est avant tout une équipe qui a eu envie de partager leur amour des randonnées en pleine nature sur des véhicules terrestres composées de deux roues alignées entrainé par la force motrice de son conducteur. Chatmouettes, plus qu’un nom, c’est un état d’esprit : Liberté – partage – découverte.

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